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Algae and fungus are the main compositions of lichens. Lichens can be found on rocks, walls, gravestones, sidewalks, outdoor cushions, and even roofs. A perfect roof would look bad because of lichens. Lichen is an invasive organism and may appear on surfaces as tiny, shrubby branches, leafy structur...

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DIY Gutter Cleaning

The roof is one of the essential parts of the house because of the protection it gives to the homeowner and the interior of the house. Roofs are made durable so they can withstand every environmental condition possible. Roofs can stand the test of time and survive the harshest snow, hail, rain, wind...

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The roof is one of the most influential and most durable parts of the house. The roof can protect your home from all environmental factors like hail, snow, rain, sunlight, and wind. The strength of your roof also depends on how the roofs are installed. The type of roof that your house has even deter...

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