Maintaining a house can have a significant impact on your finances with basic amenities such as electrical and plumbing and other minor repairs, taking up a lot from your budget. However, none of them could match up to the cost of installing a new roof.

Re-roofing is one of the most expensive projects you will have to do for your home. At some point, the time to replace your roof will always come. Unfortunately, sometimes the job comes around sooner than it should.

While some roofs can’t avoid replacement once the time comes, many can still have their lifespan extended. In turn, it would also extend the time between roof replacements and save you a ton of money.

Fortunately, most of the damage that can lead to replacement can be easily prevented as long as you learn how to take care of your roof. By following these simple tips and advice, you too can have a roof with a lifespan longer than you expected.

Maintain Gutters

Gutters have in hand in keeping your roof last longer. Clean and functional gutters will reduce the risk of roof leaks and other damage to your roofing system, extending its lifespan.

The role of gutters is to catch debris and leaves that fall off your roof and lead water away from the roof and foundation, so it doesn’t end up causing problems later on.

With time, debris builds up in gutters. Debris and other substances on the roof regularly would often cause clogging on gutters that cause roof leaks. Since clogging prevents rainwater from flowing free, it will eventually pool and seep underneath your shingles and damage the underlayment.

Cleaning your gutters regularly is vital in taking care of your roof. It would help the water to flow away freely from the roof. That’s why you should either clean the gutters on your own or ask a roofer to do the job for you.

This is why taking care of gutters is vital in taking care of your roof. You can clean your gutters on your own but take note that it can be a messy job. However, if you don’t feel confident on a ladder, it’s better to leave the work for a roofer.

Trim Nearby Branches

Trees provide shade and aesthetic enhancement for properties, but they could also be the cause of an early roof failure if it’s not properly taken care off.

During a storm, branches and leaves can fall on your roof and damage your roof. Leaves that fall on the roof can get caught in the gutters and trap moisture under them, while the tree branches can scratch the protective material on your shingles, leaving your roof from UV rays. Branches can also cause loose or cracked shingles.

It is advisable to keep your tree branches at least 10 feet away from the roof and trim any overhanging tree branches if they get too close to your roof.

Proper Ventilation and Insulation

Ventilation and insulation are vital for the sake of your roof. Proper ventilation allows cold air to enter the attic and warm and humid air to escape, while insulation would absorb heat. Together, this would prevent the accumulation of water vapor and damaging your roof’s underside that typically ends in rot, mold, or structural issues. This can also help to reduce energy consumption in your home.

Get a Professional Inspection Annually

The best way to increase the lifespan of your roof is to have your roof regularly inspected by a professional. Roof inspections allow you to understand the current condition of your roof, catching minor roof problems before they become major issues that would damage its health critically.

While going on routine roof inspections yourself is always a good idea, it is still vital to consider getting a regular professional inspection. Expert roofers are armed with enough knowledge and a trained eye to spot any problems that you would have missed, which is extremely important when you have roofing problems that need to be addressed immediately.

Professionals would also be able to give more tips on how to keep your roof in good condition for a long time.

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