Most of the time, we only give attention to our rain gutters once they start to leak and sag due to clogged leaves and other debris. The gutters must be protected; otherwise, the rainwater will overflow on the deck, porch, and driveway when the storm season comes.

Fortunately, there are ways to protect the gutters from these deteriorating factors. By doing these preventive measures, you will save a lot of money and stress – here are five ideas on how you can protect your gutters from debris.

Trim Your Trees

Often, the debris found inside the gutter is composed of decaying leaves, twigs, and pine needles – they fall from overhanging trees. Once these matters build up inside the drain, it will result in a fertile environment for the tree’s falling seeds – allowing them to develop and germinate while using the gutter as its makeshift planter.

An effective way to get rid of leaves in your gutters is to trim the trees around the house – if there are several trees on your property, trim the branches that may overhang the gutters. Eventually, it will reduce the number of leaves that you have to clean up.

Make Use of Gutter Screens

Gutter screens vary in types; they make it easy to clean the gutter and available in the market.

Plastic drop-ins keep out leaves; however, be careful – debris such as seeds and pine needles can still get through the gutter. Not to mention, plastic drop-ins are very easy to install and can work with different roofing materials.

Invest in Gutter Guards

You can choose gutter guards and covers according to your needs – they come in different styles.

·         Surface-tension Guards

If you use these types of the gutter cover, the water will cling to the rounded nose of the guard and flow into the gutter. However, leaves and other debris will fall over the edge. For the best use of these gutters, they must be installed. Thus, the guard’s slope will match the roof’s slope. Not to mention, these guards easier to find than other options.

·         Fine Mesh Gutter Guard

In catching seeds and needles, fine mesh gutter guards are the way to go. Nevertheless, small particles still get through at times. Moreover, these gutter guards are simple to clean (with a brush) and install.


Also, make sure you know what type of materials your guards are made of – surgical stainless-steel lasts longest.

Add a Leaf Catcher

Other than screens and guards, the leaf catcher is another kind of debris-freeing tool – it makes the debris come down the downpipe and is caught closer to the ground. Plus, it’s simple to install and requires minimal upkeep. Also, the waste collected by the catcher is easy to remove – the ladder is not necessary.

Contact Your Roofing Company

Perhaps the best option, calling a professional roofer, will ensure the condition of your whole roof – not just the gutter. If you are looking for a pro to inspect your roof, especially the gutters – UC Roof is here to help!

Call us today on (866) 366-2656, and we’ll be happy to assist you in picking the most suitable guards for your gutters.