If you are dealing with a leaking or damaged roof, you will have to pick a roofing contractor – which can be a stressful ordeal. Eventually, you will sort through all the available roofing contractors in your area to find the most suitable for the job while being affordable.

Of course, it’s understandable if you don’t know much about what makes a roofing contractor excellent or reliable, mainly if you are a new homeowner. Hence, before hiring a roofing company, you must ask specific questions. Once the job is weak, it can result in costly roof repairs and leaks in the future – more time and money spent.

Here are the following questions you must ask before hiring a roofer.

6 Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor While Hiring

“Do You Have a License?�?

Commonly, this is usually the first question to ask – a license proves one’s expertise. Anyone can claim to be a roofer, but refusing to show proof means you can suspect for fraud. Furthermore, it is a requirement in some states before a roofing contractor can start working, though each state has different policies. Once something goes wrong with the project, the license will serve as the legal bind.

“Do You Have an Insurance?�?

To protect the homeowner in the event of an accident, a roofing contractor should have a workman’s compensation and liability insurance. It protects a homeowner if a roofing company’s employee gets an injury, and liability protects you from the damage by the during repair and replacement.

“Do You Offer a Warranty?�?

If you consider the cost of new roof shingles or entire roof replacement, better ask for a warranty. The old roof may have used up the warranty; in case there are remaining years, they are likely shorter than the one your roofers are going to replace. Hence, expect the warranty to extend or a new warrant that will last for at least 25 years.

“Will You Provide a Written Estimate?�?

The homeowner’s best friend, a comprehensive estimate, lets you know the essentials for the jobs such as removal of the old roof, placing of a new roof, materials, and anything else that may come up in the whole process. Before signing or agreeing with anything, have a thorough estimate for the jobs – to avoid surprise costs.

“Are You Hiring Subcontractors?�?

When the work has too much complexity, contractors hire subcontractors to handle the roofing work.  After asking them if they will hire subcontractors, make sure they have insurance. Moreover, picking up lien waivers is an additional option – these documents will protect you if the contractor doesn’t pay the subcontractors. Hence, take precaution on subcontracting and confirm from your contractor who’s paying who.

“Do You Have Homeowner References?�?

While visiting local residential job sites, check their previous roofing work. Furthermore, ask for references. However, other past customers don’t want to disclose their personal information. Not to mention, some contractors select a couple of happy customers. For this reason, follow up with homeowners and ask whether there were satisfied with the contractor’s service.

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