Once your roof starts to deteriorate, heat can escape from your house when winter comes; thus, increasing the energy costs. If you properly install a new roof, your home will obtain a secure seal against the elements, and it will reduce your heating costs. Your choice of roof color can also affect your utility cost. Dark roofs can raise cooling costs as they absorb more heat, particularly in summer. On the other hand, roofs with lighter colors can help save money on air conditioning as well – these are just a few that a new roof can provide.

However, in other cases, some homeowners recently replaced their roofs discovered that their new roof has failed in some manner too soon; it doesn't only put your efforts into nothing; it costs more. Here are the primary reasons why a new roof fails prematurely.

Poor Installation

When you notice that the roof is not performing adequately, the first step is to check the quality of the installation. Whether your new roof is top the line or not, it will fail prematurely if not installed correctly.

An honest residential roofing contractor will tell you the importance of a flawless installation – therefore, some states require licensing in place for roofers. At all costs, they must meet the latest building codes; they must do the process according to the standards of the product manufacturer. If not, there's a big chance the new system will underperform. Hence, you may face hefty fines and lose warrant coverage.

Substandard Materials

The quality of the materials is a huge factor. Installing a new roof can cost a considerable amount; however, you can't afford to use substandard materials. Besides, the roof keeps the interior safe and dry. Hence, conduct your research and study the various performance features of your new roofing system. Moreover, better ask for the advice of a reputable roofing contractor.

Lack of Attic Ventilation

A proper ventilation system protects the roof – it regulates the temperature in your attic. On the other hand, poor attic ventilation allows heat to deteriorate the roof, especially during the summer; it exposes the underside of the roofing system's extreme temperatures. Thus, curling and blistering the asphalt shingles – causing them to wear fast.

Improper Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance is a primary responsibility of all homeowners. Besides, roofs that undergo routine maintenance outlive those that are repaired by professionals after the damage already happened. Furthermore, home insurance companies consider a lack of support as neglect – a ground for claim denial.

Flashing Misapplication

Whether the project is roof replacement or repair, the job must include the installation of new flashings.

Flashings are pieces of metal that waterproof your roof's weakest parts. Reusing the old ones can save you a few bucks, but the risk of leakage is extremely high. Often, homeowners go for low-quality sealants – water intrusion will come sooner than you expect if the installation is weak.

Unfortunately, most homeowners won't know if the flashings are new – be sure to hire a trustworthy roofer and get warrant coverage to repair the damage for free.

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