The roof is one of the essential parts of every household. Having the most durable roof that you can buy guarantees you protection against any storm for decades. Maintaining your roof is also a difficult task, but if you do an excellent job in doing so, the lifespan of your roof could increase.

Aside from the technical aspects of roofing, it would be best if you also focus on the artistic side. Your roof is seen outside of your home, and its overall look matters because your roof should match the elements of the exterior of your house. Here are some styles and roof shapes that you can have if you are ever building a new home.

Different Roof Shapes and Styles - Infographic

Gable roofs 

Gable roofs are known to be one of the most used roof types in the United States. Gable roofs, which are also called pitched or picked roofs, are known for their triangular shape. Because of its simple design, gable roofs can provide extra space for attics or vaulted ceilings.

Gable roofs can be side, crossed, and front. Asphalt shingles, clay concrete tiles, metal, and cedar shakes are the perfect roofing material that you can use for gable roofs. Another benefit of having a gable roof is its easy installation.

Hip roofs

Hip roofs contain four sides and slopes with an equal length that come together at the top, forming a ridge that makes them sturdier and more stable than a gable roof. If you live in areas with strong winds, hip roofs are a great choice because of its strength and slope that can shed snow and water.

Simple hip roofs could form a ridge by having a triangle on two sides and a polygon on the other two, which creates a peak when they meet at the top. Half-ripped hip roofs, on the other hand, are a primary hip roof with two sides that have been shortened to create heaves.

Mansard roofs

Mansard roofs, also known as the French roof, have four sides with two slopes each. Mansard roofs support the integration of flat and curved sides that improved the overall look of your house. Besides its aesthetic value, mansard roofs are used if you want your home to have a dormer. Mansard roofs are flexible.

If you live in a place that always has heavy snowfall, mansard roofs are not suitable for you. Mansard roofs usually cost more than other roofing styles. However, the possibilities of what you can do with the roof and all the space it provides is endless. Zinc and copper are the top choices of roof material to use.


Choosing a roofing style does not only benefit you by having the best-looking house in your area, but it also provides space and other features. Once you have decided on what style you would have, you should always determine its color by what matches your wall.

Your roofing material should also vary on the meteorological conditions that happen in your state and the most affordable on your budget.

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