One of the most used roofing materials today is metal roofing. Indeed, asphalt shingles are the ones used in most American homes, especially in the suburbs. However, there is no doubt on the rise of metal roof usage is significant these days. Metal roofs can compose of iron, zinc, or other excellent quality metals.

Just like any other roof, metal roofs can be significantly beneficial for your roofs. Metal roofing has qualities that can top those of asphalt shingles. For instance, metal roofing does not tend to have missing shingles because of the way metal roofs are installed.

Before having metal roofs installed, you might want to consider these facts.

Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing Revised - Infographic


  • Metal roofs can be easily installed- Unlike shingles and tiles, metal roofing is extremely lightweight, which means that installing them is not that difficult. Metal roofs weigh from 100 to 150 pounds per square, a massive difference to 750 to `1000 pounds per square to other roofing types.
  • Metal roofs can be energy-efficient- Metal roofs can save energy because of its capabilities of reflecting the sun’s heat which can minimize your costs in using your air-conditioning unit. Metal roofs can be a little bit pricey, but when it comes to its benefits, you can assure yourself that you can get everything you pay for.
  • Metal roofs have a long lifespan- Metal roofing can last up to 50 years if you take care of it correctly. Metal roofs are also suitable if you are living in areas that are prone to hurricanes and tornadoes, metal roofs are a great choice.


  • Metal roofs are noisy- Metal roofs are noisy than its other counterparts. If you plan to install metal roofs, beware that it could produce noise whenever it’s raining, or something hits the roof. However, you can reduce this noise by having plywood sheathing or insulation installed.
  • Metal roofs are expensive- With exceptional durability comes high roofing price. Metal roofing can cost from $100 to $600 per square feet, but if you think about it, every penny that you spent on these roofs are worth it.
  • Metal roofs are hard to clean- Metal roofs can be slippery when you try to clean them. Algae can form, which makes them more slippery when you have not tended them in a long time. Metal roofs are also vulnerable to denting once a tree limb or other objects of certain weight hit the ceiling.

Should I get metal roofs? 


You must get metal roofs installed in your home, especially if you live in areas that have strong winds or want to save money from the electric bill, then metal roofs are indeed an excellent choice for you. Metal roofs might be a different choice of roofing than most homes, but it will surely give you the upper hand.

The roof itself will not guarantee that they will work, having a great roofing contractor does. The installation of metal roofing comprises 50% of its success rate in providing excellent protection for you and your family.

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