In many instances, Americans love to solve their roofing problems on their own. Most of them fix their roof because they think that they can quickly resolve issues on their roof. Fixing the roof can often lead to slip and falls, which can cost more than hiring a reliable roofing contractor


Roofing contractors are one of the most underrated jobs relating to home improvement. However, the job of a roofer is more challenging than you thought. Your roofing contractor is most passionate about doing their work, but as they climb to your roof and maintain your shingles, some risks and dangers may happen. 


Here are a few reasons why the job of a roofing contractor is challenging. 

How Difficult is the Job of a Roofing Contractor - Infographic

The job of a roofing contractor is dangerous 

In general, the job of a roofing contractor can be hazardous as it can bring injuries. 34% of roofing injuries result in fatalities, if not permanent damage, due to the impact and height of the fall. And because you are dealing with various roofing equipment, this might cause tripping that can lead to your fall as well. 


Roofs can be slippery due to moss and algae formation, and contractors can step on broken or missing shingles. If contractors step in the wrong shingle, it may result in slipping, which can injure them. If one area of the roof is severely damaged, it may collapse once a contractor stepped on it. 


According to studies, roofing is the sixth most dangerous job in the United States. No one would think that roofing is one critical industry once they see a few people climbing and fixing the roof. However, they can die just for fixing your roof, so it’s better to let the experts do their job and give them respect while doing so. 


Roofing contractors need to be in shape 

Yes, if you want to be a roofing contractor someday, you need to be in the right form to maintain balance on the roofing. Even a roof that is installed correctly can break down if an overweight person is carrying heavy roofing equipment. They should also be strong enough to carry shingles if the installation is needed. 


Roofing contractors should not only be physically fit, but they should also be in shape in terms of roofing itself. No one becomes a roofer one day, and a ton of training is required before someone could ever step foot at someone’s roof. Despite the training, no one could predict what might happen. 


Roofing contractors do not make as much money 

Contrary to popular belief, roofing contractors do not make that much money. You might pay a lot for a roofing job, but that payment is divided into different parts. On the one hand, contractors must spend the total pay in buying the materials for the project. Then, the contractor would share the remaining money for all the laborers involved in the roof job. 

A roof would not last without the help of a reliable roofing contractor, and considering that their job is not safe, we suggest that you call one whenever you want your proper roofing maintenance. Your contractors are trained to do the job safely, and if you need a reputable contractor, you can always go to Universal Contracting FL. 


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