A well-installed roof that is made from a durable material can last for two to five decades. However, the lifespan of your roof can still depend on the way that you maintain the roof and the type of roof that you have on the area that you live in.

For instance, asphalt shingles are not recommended in areas that are windy, or metal roofs are not the best choice for places with a lot of precipitation. Yearly roof inspections and cleaning can extend the life of your roof, but these are the basics. If you want to learn more about how to strengthen your roof, here are some tips that could help you.

Roofers can construct the trusses 

One of the keys why your roofs can withstand the test of time is the trusses. The direction where wood planks are installed matters because it determines their strength. Compression problems may occur if the boards are not correctly mounted. Your local roofer could fix this problem, so your roof will last for more years.

Know the proper roofing materials 

Roofing materials can be categorized as the one used for frame/support and the ones used as a roof covering. For roofing frames, wood is the most common material used. Wood is known to be durable and easy to work. An alternative for wood is bamboo because it is durable, light, and flexible. Bamboo is also known to be earthquake resistant.

For roof covering, tile and shingles are the most used in American homes, and this is not a wrong choice. Metal, slate, green roofs, and solar roofs can be used as well as long as the roof covers could not let water pass on the foundation. There are many types of roofing covers which you can use, and asking your contractor is a huge help.  

Have proper installation and ventilation 

Having preventive measures before any problem arises is the best way to keep your roof in a stable condition. You want to make sure that your attic has suitable insulation. A proper amount of insulation can prevent water vapor from forming. Adequate ventilation is also crucial in roofs because they prevent moisture from damaging your roof sheathing.

The attic should remain dry, and you can install screens for it to keep it that way. Screens also prevent animals from entering the attic. Buying bigger ventilation can also come in handy.

Hire a reliable roofing contractor 

Having a reputable roofing contractor is the best way to have a more excellent knowledge of the ideas on how to make a roof last longer. Professional roofing contractors, whether working on a firm or private contractor, have the licenses and capabilities to install your roof correctly and repair them if ever a problem occurs.

If ever your roof has a leakage, cracks, or the shingles removed, you should immediately contact your local contractor to have them fixed. Failing to call your contractor after these situations might decrease the lifespan of the roof or may affect the foundation.

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