The roof plays an essential role in your business. Commercial roofing is considered more durable than residential roofs because of the materials that these roofs are made from. A commercial roof provides shade and protection for your employees and clients. If there is a problem with the roof, your operations may be hindered.

Having full knowledge in the life of your roof means understanding the issues that your roof might have. By protecting and maintaining your roof, you can save money from repairs that may happen if your roof is unattended. If you have no idea on how to tend your roofing, here are some tips that you can follow.

How to Extend Commercial Roof Life - Infographic

What causes deterioration to your commercial roof? 

Some of the factors of roofing deterioration may be beyond your control, such as environmental conditions. However, choosing a roof type that can withstand the kind of weather that you have on your location can go a long way. Reduced maintenance also damages your roof.

The installation of the roof is also essential to guarantee how long it lasts. Roofs with a faulty installation can detach once a whirlwind comes. Having a trusted roofing contractor can save your business. In maintaining your roof, calling your contractor for inspections is the best solution.

How do you keep your roof in good condition? 

To have a long-lasting commercial roof, you should keep your roof clean. Debris such as small rocks, twigs, and leaves can cause many problems. For instance, this debris can add weight to your roof. Debris can also cause blockage to your downspout. Clogging may cause your roof to have water inside them because of debris that may accumulate on your roof.

In clearing your roof, you can pick the debris and put them in a bag. However, you need to be extra careful if there are a lot of leaves because you may slip on them. You can also sweep the roof using a rake or a broom. You can eventually clean the leaves on the ground.

Keep your trees pruned. 

Trees near your commercial property may cool your store, which reduces your cost to air-conditioning, especially in summer. Trees can also add as an additional decoration at your store. Trees provide a welcoming aura to your customers. However, having trees may endanger your roof.

When trees hang over the roof of your establishments, you are risking the health of your roof. If you have trees nearby your building, you should cut the long branches because leaves can go down your roof. Cutting your roof on your own may be dangerous. You should hire experts in cutting the branches of your trees.

The first thing that you should do when your commercial roof is damaged is to call your local roofing contractor immediately. Your roofing contractor will do everything in his power to fix your roof. If you ever need a reliable roofing contractor, you can always call us in Universal Contracting, FL.

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