Your roof serves as the shelter in which you and your family can get protection from all kinds of environmental conditions. However, the homeowner must maintain the roof from all sorts of hazards. One way of managing the roof is by removing the leaves or other debris that add weight to the roof.

Added weight on the roof can derail the construction of its base and sheathing. However, there are items that you can put on or by the rooftop to make your roof beautiful or make your house more functional. Here are some of the things that you can hang or attach by the roof for its aesthetic or operational purposes.

Antennas and the like

One of the most common things that are attached to the roof is antennas. Antennas serve as the signal receptor for devices such as the television. Satellites can be attached to the roof as well. Antennas and satellites are best placed on the peak of the roof for maximum reception of signals.

There are other options where to put antennas on the house. You can also mount the antenna, satellite dish, or internet router to your chimney as long as it is light enough. If you are going to have an antenna mounted on your roof, make sure that they are using straps and not nails that could damage your shingles.

Security cameras

If you live in a neighborhood where crime is rampant, security cameras are the thing you need. Unlike antennas, security cameras are not supposed to be installed at the top of the roof because they can be damaged by hail and snow during winter. The best place to install security cams is on the bottom part of the roof, where it can be shaded.

The soffit is the underside of your roof’s eaves. The structural component of the soffit is wood, but the bottom layer is made from aluminum or vinyl. Soffits usually have a vent to allow the attic space to breathe. When installing the security camera, you should make sure that it would be attached from the vinyl sheet to the wooden truss.

Solar panels

One way of conserving energy and cutting off expenses on the electric bill has solar panels for your home. Solar panels May be expensive, but after a few years, the money spent on the panels would be paid off. An additional benefit of solar panels is the protection it provides for the roof.

Christmas decors

There are contests in every suburb on which the house has outdoor Christmas decorations. Christmas lights, figurines, and other ornaments that represent the holiday are placed outside. The eaves of the roof can put Christmas lights and other light decorations.

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