The roof is one of the most durable parts of the home. The roof is made to withstand every meteorological occurrence possible. Your roof can withstand hail, snow, rain, and sunlight. Without your roof, your house could be vulnerable to these conditions, and you will be unprotected from all the possible conditions of the atmosphere.

Yes, the roof is made to last for decades, and if you maintain correctly, the roof can even last half a century. However, some signs mean that your roof needs replacement or repair. Failing to know these signs and resolve these problems can lead to further roof damage. If you want to know what these problems are, you can read this article.

There are several missing or loose shingles 

Loose or missing shingles can be caused by storm damage or because the roof is past its prime. When shingles start falling off or become loose, they will be useless in protecting your home. The best option for this situation is to fasten the shingles on the roof or having a roof replacement for the roof shingles entirely for better protection.

The shingles are curling, cracking, dry, or blistering

If your shingles curl, dry, or blister, this could mean that they are affected with high humidity levels or had contact with too much moisture. If your roof has high humidity, this is an indicator that your roofing ventilation is inferior in quality. Your contractor can fix your weak ventilation system and ensure that your shingles will not be dry again.

The roof is sagging 

A sagging roof can either be caused by poor installation, roof deterioration, or too much weight carried by the shelter. If your roof has a lot of snow, leaves, or other heavy objects, you should immediately remove them so your roof would not weaken. Another reason why your roof is sagging is because of its old age.

There are dark areas on your roof 

Dark patches on the roof can indicate the growth of algae and moss. This situation can be connected to the presence of moisture in the ceiling. If you see dark patches on the roof, you should remove the shingles containing the piece and replace them immediately. The algae and moss in your roof can spread to other shingles.

You have water damage inside your home or attic 

There may be holes inside your home if your attic is damaged by water. To know if there are holes in your roof, you could see bits of sunlight on the attic if you investigate it. Water damage can also lead to the growth of algae and moss. Water is also capable of making the base of your roof saggy and deteriorates at a faster rate.

Who do you call for a roofing inspection?

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