The roof is considered as the first line of defense of every home to every environmental condition known to man. Roofs protect you from snow, hail, wind, sunlight, and other factors that can be dangerous. Roofs today are made to last for decades and there are several roofing choices that can suit your home and your budget.

A well-maintained roof can last more than what you pay for. However, there are instances where roofs tend to get damaged that is beyond repair. When situations like this occur, it is best if you have a roofing warranty. A roofing warranty also guarantees you to get your money back if a roofer causes damage to your roof.

Why is roofing warranty important?

If your roof is not protected by a roofing warranty, then you are putting a huge amount of money at risk. Replacing a damaged roof is surely expensive and depending on the size of the damage, roof repairs can sometimes cost five figures. Homeowner’s insurance can surely help you with the cost but it is not enough to cover the whole cost of roof repairs.

Most roof materials come with a warranty. However, you want to have a warranty that can protect you for many years. Most warranties only last for five years and this is not sufficient because no one replaces their roof every five years. Roof damage within this period is also less likely to happen as roofs start to deteriorate after 25 years.

What does a roofing warranty cover?

A roofing warranty covers many roofing defects, one of these is material defect. If a roof begins to show signs of wear and tear after only a few years of installation, a warranty can be used during this situation. Buying new materials with your own money can cost a fortune and a warranty gets these materials for free.

Roofing warranties mostly have a long coverage. The warranties of shingles are not equal. A 25-year warranty for 3-Tab shingles is excellent. However, it will not cut it for dimensional shingles as they require a 50-year warranty for the best protection. You can ask your local roofing contractor for the normal warranty for shingles.

As the years go by, roofs need minor repair once in a while. Some of these minor repairs include shingle replacement and re-nailing. Sometimes, repairs go wrong and people proceed to install new shingles. Warranties protect homeowners against poor workmanship and or installation.

Can a warranty be revoked?

Yes, there are situations wherein you cannot use your warranty. If you failed to repair your roof and not anyone from the roofing company or any licensed contractor, your warranty might get considered null and void. If you made the roof of your house on your own, you might not get a warranty. However, you can still get roofing insurance if you want.

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