Every home should have a roof to protect the household from all the environmental conditions. When choosing a roof, you should always choose a top that is suited for the climate that you have where you live. To know the best shelters, you can always contact your local roofing contractor before buying roof shingles.

Roofing has become a field where many people are involved. There are online communities of roofers out there that find interest in the latest news about roofing. Because of the roofing community, there have been world records in roofing for the past years. These are some of these records.

The most extensive roof stripped and re-roofed in one day. 

R.O. steel roofing holds the current record for stripping and re-roofing a roof on a single day. The roofing company removed 4820m² of Asbestos and replaced it with a new metal roof in just one day. The site had to close for one day to complete the roofing project. However, they minimized the inconvenience and managed to have a world record.

Lisa Dennis'Dennis' records

Lisa Dennis is a British taekwondo master who holds multiple records in breaking tile roof shingles. In March 2014, Dennis had the fastest time to break 1,000 roof tiles by a female form by breaking 1,000 tiles in 83.98 seconds. In 2016, she smashed the most tiles in a minute by breaking 923 roof tiles in 60 seconds.

Only two tiles from the stacks she hit during the 60 seconds did not break, meaning that the 40-year-old taekwondo pro achieved an incredible 923 tiles record.

Largest reinforced concrete cement flat roof span

The Satsang Hall within the Govind Devji'sDevji's Temple, Jaipur, India, has a reinforced concrete cement flat roof with a single span of 36.27 meters (119 ft). It was designed and constructed by N. M. Roof Designers Ltd, and the hall was dedicated to the public on 23 July 2009. The hall stands on eight columns at the periphery.

World's World's largest gingerbread house 

The Traditions Club in Texas, United States, decided to build the largest gingerbread house in the World. This 21-foot tall confectionary construction required 1,800 pounds of butter, 2,925 pounds of brown sugar, 7,200 eggs, 7,200 pounds of all-purpose flour, and 1,080 pounds of ground ginger to make.

Icing and toppings were set on the roof to make it look like a legitimate gingerbread house. The gingerbread house looked good. However, The Traditions Club never expected the swarm of bees that came to the gingerbread house.

Longest roof span covered by a single metal corrugated sheet

In Rembang City, Indonesia, P.T. Utomodeck Metal Works managed to cover 200.9m of open space with just one corrugated metal sheet in September 2013. The corrugated roofing was manufactured on-site and rolled directly onto the building's structure.

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