Roofs are an integral part of every home because they keep you protected from all the environmental conditions from torrential rain to scorching heat of the sun. Because of the harsh environmental conditions roofs endure, roofs are made to last for 50 years.

To make the roof stronger, you can apply sealants. However, the only way that your roof can withstand strong winds is if it is installed correctly. A reliable roofing contractor is essential if you want to have your roof installed correctly. There are several kinds of roofs that you can choose for your home.

The kind of roofing you should use should always depend on the weather that your area has. A roof that is not built to withstand hurricanes and hailstones cannot be in windy places. Of course, the kind of roofing you have on your house is priced depending on its type and durability.

Others prefer high-end roofing to the point that they even have solar roofs installed to conserve energy. On the other hand, some people prefer cheaper tops because they are on a tight budget or think that expensive roofs are not worth it. There are several factors on why homeowners consider having cheaper roofs.


Why do homeowners choose cheaper roofs?

In many cases, the homeowner chooses the “cheaper�? roof option and then discovered leaks or other problems that, with proper installation, would not have occurred for decades. The truth is, the most expensive roof you will ever buy is the one that needs to be replaced or repaired early.

This means that the durability of a roof mostly depends on the installation of the roof. More than 80% of the tops repaired by contractors were installed less than ten years ago. In almost all cases, the homeowner chose a “cheaper�? roof option and suddenly discovered leaks or other problems that should not have occurred for decades. That just added significantly to the real cost of that roof.

What do cheap roofers do?

Most of the time, cheap roofers think they can compete with expensive ones by offering lower prices. However, most roofers who do this scheme always cut corners to have roofs installed. To do that, they use cheaper materials that don’t perform as well, they don’t install materials properly, or they don’t do what they promised.

How do roofers cut corners? 

Some roofers reuse old drip edge, underlayment, or other materials that cannot protect your home against leaks, use an old drip edge, underlayment, or other materials that cannot prevent leaks. They also tend to hire untrained people who cost less but don’t know how to install a roof properly for long-term performance.

Others cut their materials short, like using four nails instead of six that manufacturers demand. Most of these roofers do not even have a warranty on their services. They even use shingles that do not pass the standard to hold up to any weather.

How can I have the best roofs?

It would be best if you remembered that a good roof is never cheap. Even the most affordable top in the market can cause thousands of dollars. Cheaper roofs can cost less but will be more expensive in the long run. Any roof you replace at today’s dollars could easily cost two to three times as much in just a few years.

Having a reliable roofing contractor is also essential if you want to have a stronger roof, and if you are looking for one, you can always go to Universal Contracting of Florida. You can visit our website at if you want to have the best roofs now.