One of the most devastating calamities that are experienced by the people in the United States is hurricanes. If your home is located in an area prone to storms, it is crucial that you know how important it is to be prepared. Keeping tabs on news coverage and warnings issued by the government is a critical part of emergency planning.

Your home should be protected by insurance at all costs if you live in areas where hurricanes and storms are prone. Besides insurance, your home should also be hurricane-proof to withstand such strong winds. Here are some steps that you can take to ensure the safety of your home before hurricanes occur.

How to protect your home against hurricanes - Infographic

Doors and Windows 

Before a hurricane happens, you should ensure that your windows are correctly sealed, and your doors have strong hinges to prevent them from being damaged. You may also hold a candle near the window on a breezy day to detect any air movement. Installing bolts on your doors can again go a long way.

Yard, Porch, Deck, and Patio

While these areas may not be directly attached to the structure of your home, they are still essential to consider when you’re trying to minimize potential dangers in a hurricane. If you live in areas prone to storms, it would be best to refrain from having more rigid landscaping materials like rocks and those that can be easily damaged like tiles.


The garage door is extremely vulnerable to storm damage caused by flying debris and flooding. The best way to prevent dents from happening due to hurricanes is by installing impact-resistant garage doors. You can also have horizontal beams by the garage doors. Horizontal beams are an additional defense that can help your garage doors keep their structural integrity.


Your basement is one of the safest areas to hunker down during a hurricane if there is no risk of flooding in your area. However, it can be dangerous to hide if the basement is lower than the rest of your house. To avoid water damage from affecting this area, you can always get a sump pump installed in your basement.


During hurricanes, the roof is one of the most vulnerable parts of the house, especially if the roof is installed poorly. Your roof is another part of your home that is vulnerable to wind damage; if not properly secured, it can peel right off. Help prevent the risk of this happening by taking steps to make sure that your roof is adequately sealed and intact.

Before a hurricane occurs, you should check your shingles are correctly installed to prevent them from detaching. If shingles are peeling or seams are showing wear, it’s essential to replace them before the next hurricane season. If shingles are peeling or seams are showing wear, it’s necessary to replace them before the next hurricane season.

Where can I find someone that replaces shingles?

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