Roof repairs are needed, significantly, if your roof is heavily affected by a storm. Whenever your roof is damaged, always remember that the items inside your home are the ones compromised. Roofs also protect you and your family from whatever environmental condition that comes your way.

Admit it or not, fixing the hole on your roof can put another spot in your pocket. Some people go for cheaper solutions when fixing their roof. However, this solution could be more costly in the long run. Because of the look for more inexpensive repairs, some people con homeowners in fixing their roofs.

You should be aware of roofing scams, so you would not be one of the victims of fraudulent roofing contractors. Here are some of these notorious scams.

Roofing Scams You Should Avoid - Infographic

Inadequate roof repair 

It could take months or a severe storm for you to discover that the problem you had wasn’t adequately fixed, which makes it one of the toughest scams to spot. A scammer can easily create a roof look good on the outside without repairing the underlying structure. Most of the time, these contractors use substandard materials.

Unnecessary repairs 

On the other hand, some roofers try to repair your roof even if it is perfect. In this scam, the roofing company will create extra work for themselves by fixing things that aren’t broken. This scam is virtually impossible to avoid, and you may never actually know that you were done-in.


Yes, roofing is not that cheap. However, some roofers scam their clients to the next level to overprice the charge and the price for materials. Unlike substandard repairs, overcharging means that your roof will be fixed, but for a way higher than the standard price. Before sealing the deal, look for multiple quotes.

Storm chasers 

Storm Chasers will show up on your doorstep after a severe weather warning has been issued. They are usually out of town and easy to spot by checking for out-of-state license plates and phone numbers. These are seldom legitimate contractors and will be unable to provide customer references.

Creeping quotes 

A creeping quote is a scam where a contractor starts with a super low quotation for a roofing job. However, as time passes, the prices inflate due to ‘price increases on the materials’ or ‘unforeseen issues.’ There are instances where prices increase. However, before believing a roofer, you should ask for proof that the prices have indeed increased.

What are some steps to avoid roofing scams?

Your best defense against a scam is to check out the company’s website, look for online reviews, and see what others have to say. A quick internet search can give you good insight. A company’s reputation is also one thing you should find in a company, so you better ask for references.

You can also ask people who had their roofs repaired. If you want to have the best roofing deals, you can always trust UC Roof! If you're going to have a free quote and estimate, you can always visit our website at