Winter is coming, and as homeowners, you should prepare for the massive snowstorms that may come to your area. Roofs get made in such a way that they withstand the climatic changes by adapting accordingly. Most roofs protect against all types of weather conditions, but some roofs have an advantage over others due to their building material.

Choosing the right roofing material is critical in building a home. You may have the best roof possible, but if those roofs cannot withstand the area's current meteorological conditions, those roofs are not likely to last. If you live in the snowy regions or have heavy snowfall during winter, you should have tops that can withstand them.

What are the roofs best for freezing climates?

Slate tile roofing 

When you talk about the durability of a roof, you cannot speak without mentioning slate roofing. Some people even consider slate roofing as the golden egg of roofing durability. The popular ones include roofs made of stones and slates, which help their composition. Slate roofs will remain unscathed and solid even during storms and snowfall.

These kinds of roofs are virtually indestructible and have an expected lifespan of a hundred years. Due to the high density of slates, they make excellent insulators for the home because the roof temperature remains protected. The downside of slate roofing is its price. However, the price is worth it.

Metal roofing 

Metal roofing is harmful to scorching areas if they are not installed correctly because of its conductive properties. On the other hand, metal roofing is perfect for freezing areas because they are slippery, which means you can quickly sweep the snow off the roof. Metal roofs also prevent icicles and ice dams from growing.

You might think that metal roofs can cause a freezing temperature at home because of its conductive properties. However, If deployed correctly, these roofs will maintain proper roof temperature and keep your house warm all winter. This small change can bring a huge difference in your energy bill.

Shingle tiles 

If you are looking for a cheaper option, you can have shingles as your roofing. Shingles are durable and can be used to guard your house against the snow. However, the downside of shingles is they are prone to cracking when the weather becomes a bit harsher.

On the positive side, we have wood shakes that overcome the low life span quality of shingles. They can provide up to thirty years of endurance against chilly seasons without losing the money-saving quality. Due to their air circulation properties, they help in energy saving too.

Where can you buy the best roof?

Having the right roof is not enough. Installing the roof the right way is also essential in having a roof that can withstand the snow. A reliable roofing contractor can surely help you have the best roof possible for your home during the winter season. If you are looking for a contractor, look no further, and contact us at UC Roof.

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