One of the most dangerous jobs in America is roofing. If you think about it, it is pretty apparent why, at first glance. Climbing on an elevated structure can get you the risk of falling. Others have trouble managing the bulk of job orders they get, while others have difficulties filling in their labor pool.

According to the 2016 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics), roofers have the fourth most dangerous job in America. For every 100,000 workers, there were 48.6 fatal accidents in 2016. Roofing involves climbing, heavy lifting, bending, and kneeling in scorching weather.

Being a roofer is an excellent job with excellent pay. However, if you ever plan to become one, you should know the dangers that lie ahead. This article is not to discourage you but for you to have preventive measures.

Traumatic brain injuries

Falling on high distances can cause concussions in the head. If a roofer falls bad at an even greater height, a traumatic brain injury can occur. TBI has a range of physical and psychological effects that can cause long-term complications or death. If you plan to become a roofer, you should be more careful and wear a helmet.


The use of tar or performing work on hot surfaces exposes roofers to burn incidents. Slips, trips, and splashes of hot tar can lead to severe burns, pain, and scarring. Another burn you should watch out for is sunburn. Most homeowners call for roofers during the summer season. That’s why it’s ideal to use sunblock for any roofing job.


There may be times that you are going to fix a house that reaches a power line. Working at heights puts roofers dangerously close to power lines. If a roofer is working on coming in contact with an electrical cable, the result can be fatal. Make sure to place your ladder somewhere far from an electrical line to avoid shocks.

Puncture wounds 

Roofers can accidentally inflict wounds to their hands because of the sharp objects needed to keep the roof intact. Nail guns and screws are the primary culprits why these accidents happen. From stepping on nails to accidental nail gun punctures, roofers can seriously injure themselves depending on the puncture's location.

Slipping and falling 

Perhaps the most significant contributor of all injuries in the roofing industry is slipping and falling. Slipping and falling can occur anytime. That is why roofers need to wear boots that prevent them from slipping. Snow during winter and leaves during autumn should be watched out for so you can avoid falling from the roof.

Back injuries 

Roofing is a job that requires physical labor and heavy lifting of shingles. Because of these reasons, there can be back injuries that develop over time. The best solution to avoid back injuries is to make sure that you get help from your co-workers if you ever need to lift a heavy object.

Where can you get your shingles installed?

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