Stone Coated Steel VS Concrete Tile

What is Stone Coated Steel? 

Stone-coated metal roofing provides the durability of industrial metal roofing with the aesthetic appeal of traditional roofing materials. If you’re looking for a roof that can withstand nearly anything Mother Nature has to offer without sacrificing on style, then you’re looking for a stone-coated metal roof.

- Metal roof with a Zincalume coating throughout to look like tile/shake/shingle

- Interlocking metal roof system

- Better investment than shingle (you could replace 5 shingle roofs in the time

that this roof will last)

- Lifetime guaranteed, energy efficient, Insurance Savings

- Reflect 90% of heat from the sun “Cool roof”

- Withstands hail and hurricane-force winds up to 140 mph

- Can overlay on a shingle roof using battens 

- We can add ventilation either 4’ off ridge vents or Solar Attic Fan

- Cannot add a ridge vent system to stone coated steel

- Can offer system with foam backer for added rigidness and additional R-value

What about the cut edges of the Stone Coated Steel? 

The entirety of the panel is coated with Zincalume, the coating consists of a mix of metals, the process is commonly called metallic coating. On the cut edges of the Stone Coated Steel, Zincalume self heals the steel and does not penetrate the steel itself when being cut. If there is corrosion it’s covered under the manufacture warranty, this also includes corrosion related to salt water. 

How does Stone Coated Steel Compare to Concrete Tile?


Stone Coated Steel

Concrete Tile


Does not absorb moisture

Without a special sealant, concrete will absorb water quickly because of its porous composition.

Roof algae can hold onto moisture and accelerate the aging of tiles.


Barrel Style Tile, Granulated, Not Prone to Fading

Variation in appearance is common and has a tendency to fade over time especially in harsh weather conditions.


50 year, prorated after 20 years limited warranty that is transferable

Varies by manufacturer but many are only 50-years and limited

Fire Resistance

Class A fire rating 

Non-combustible Class A fire rated material


Easy to install


Interlocking panels for maximum wind resistance

Can walk on the metal shingles without damaging the panels

Difficult to install if not trained and experienced installing tile materials.

Not suitable for all roof slopes, especially those with a pitch less than 4:12.


Manufactured with at least 25% recycled steel 100% recyclable

Can be recycled when removed


Approx. 45 lbs per 100 sq. feet

Approx. 900 lbs per 100 sq. feet


Easily acclimates to any weather condition and will not chip, crack or peel

UL Class 4 Impact Rating, the highest impact rating available

Resistant to mold and mildew growth

Clay tiles, slate and concrete tiles are brittle and can be broken if they suffer heavy impact resulting in expensive repairs, and are prone to cracking from hail/golf balls.

Wind Resistance

Withstands wind speeds up to 160 mph

Can withstand wind speeds up to 150 mph

Hail and Fade Protection

Lifetime hail protection

Not prone to fading, glaze is warranted for 50 years

Varies by manufacturer


Open hips, allows water channeling

Closed hips


Generally maintenance free, softwash cleaning is recommended every 4-8 years.

Due to being porous the tile needs to be softwashed every 2-4 years.