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Universal Contracting - Professional Roof Coating with ExpandoThane

Did you know the roof on your commercial property may have unknown leaks and could be holding moisture? Consider protecting your investment with a roof coating system.

Compared to tearing off your existing roof and starting over, a roof coating can save you time, money, and cause less of a disturbance to your business.

Let me introduce you to the most advanced roof coating system on the market - ExpandoThane! This is a completely seamless system - no openings, no weak seams, no penetrating fasteners, no thermal bridging, and is self adhering. When applied, ExpandoThane forms a thermal blanket and controls movement that can tear apart most other roofing systems. This instant drying foam application adheres to many substrates and has absolute protection from water intrusion. When combined with our UV protective coating it saves energy costs by reflecting heat, even reducing roof temperatures by 30-50 degrees. 

This roofing system outperforms, is more durable, is easier/faster to apply, and costs less than any acrylic, urethane, asphalt, and many other coatings on the market. In addition, unlike any other coating, expandothane endures extreme climate conditions - including level 4 hail. Performing under these conditions, expandothane can withstand a 22 caliber bullet moving at 1,200 feet per second, making this roof nearly indestructible. To further explain how expandothane outperforms other products - lets compare it to the old industry standard polyurethane spray foam, or SPF. Polyurethane has been widely used since 1902 and has been utilized for many other applications besides the roofing industry. Expandothane, developed by Dupont, came into the market in 2004, but it has quickly grown to be the #1 choice among roof coating specialists today - all due to its extreme flexibility and durability. 

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Expandothane is certified by multiple national testing agencies. It has taken decades of use to prove that this lightweight system delivers superior energy efficiency with outstanding performance. 

This system is proven to withstand UV damage, hail, and even a bullet without affecting the integrity of the roofing system. Without expandothane, a standard roof coating system does not guarantee enough protection and should not be considered as part of a watertight  solution. 

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Universal Contracting can protect your roof from extreme climate conditions with the newest in roof coating technology.

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